Top 10 tips for improving cybersecurity in your business

20 April 2023
Security Dial
  1. Keep software up to date. Ensuring that your company’s software is constantly updated is an absolute necessity for averting any potential cybersecurity risks. Software updates regularly include security patches and fixes that can help to safeguard your systems and applications from new vulnerabilities.
  2. Use anti-virus protection. Anti-virus products detect, quarantine, or remove malicious code. These products update themselves regularly as new threats emerge so provide enhanced protection against viruses and malware. AV protection should be installed on all servers, computers, and devices.
  3. Use firewalls. Firewalls block unauthorised access to your business network; they monitor network traffic and prevent malicious software from entering your network.
  4. Apply a password policy. Ensure your staff use strong passwords to access your systems. Strong passwords make it more difficult for cyber criminals to gain access to company systems. Most modern systems will allow you to apply a password policy to ensure your users conform to it.
  5. Use multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds another layer of security to your systems by requiring staff to provide additional verification when accessing those systems. This can be a one-time pass code sent to their mobile device, an authentication application or biometric scanner.
  6. Apply email filtering. Most cyber-attacks come via email in the form of phishing attacks. These may include links to malware or attachments that install malicious code on your systems. Email filtering can detect viruses and malware and block them from being delivered. In addition, can stop unwanted emails such as spam.
  7. Backup data frequently. It is critical you identify and back-up your key information as frequently as possible. In the event of a data breach or unseen event, having a backup of your data will allow you to recover quickly.
  8. Create awareness about cybersecurity. Many cyber-attacks target employees. Ensure your staff are aware of the risks of cyber-attacks and how best to protect the company’s information assets. Training, policies, procedures, and on-going awareness are very important.
  9. Create a cybersecurity plan. Even the best protected organisations get attacked. In the event of a cyber-attack, have a detailed plan in place to ensure staff respond effectively and can recover quickly.
  10. Engage a cybersecurity expert. Many organisations do not have the in-house expertise or resources to manage cybersecurity effectively, you should consider hiring a cybersecurity expert to help you. Archway Securities can assist with all your cybersecurity requirements.

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Archway Securities, putting you in safe hands

In an age where digital threats are incessant, choosing the right partner for your cybersecurity needs is paramount. At Archway Securities, we stand out as a beacon of trust, offering tailored solutions designed to safeguard your business, data, and reputation. Our team of seasoned experts, armed with the latest technology, ensures that your digital infrastructure remains one step ahead of evolving threats. With a commitment to proactive threat detection, compliance assurance, and 24/7 support, Archway Securities is your dedicated ally in navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity. Choose confidence, choose Archway Securities.

Archway Securities, putting you in safe hands

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